Unit 11: The Role of Public Health

Unit 11: The Role of Public Health in Health and Social Care

Unit code:               H/601/1604

QCF level:               QCF Level 4/ NFQ Level 6

Credit value:          15


The aim of this unit is to raise learners’ awareness of factors influencing public health and the different approaches taken to reduce incidence of disease and illness in communities.

Unit abstract

The unit requires learners to investigate the roles of different agencies working within  communities to reduce the incidence of disease and illness. They will investigate infectious and non-infectious diseases that are widespread in their own country and analyse the effectiveness of strategies that are in place to control the incidence of disease. Regional, national and international perspectives and priorities will be considered. This will be followed by investigating the health and social care provision that is available and then analysing factors that influence the wellbeing of individuals within a care setting.


Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  1. Understand different approaches and strategies used to measure, monitor and control the incidence of disease in  communities
  2. Be able to investigate the implications of illness and disease in communities for the provision of health and social care services
  3. Understand the factors influencing the health and wellbeing of individuals in health or social care settings.