Unit 1: The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Unit code:               L/601/1788

QCF level:              QCF Level 5/ NFQ Level 6/7

Credit value:          15


This unit will enable learners to gain understanding of the nature and diversity of hospitality and its constituent industries, including the range of job roles and employment possibilities.


Unit abstract

Learners will explore the dynamic characteristics of hospitality, concentrating on current topical issues and future trends and developments, building a range of skills including research and the analysis of information, justification of ideas, evaluation and critical thinking.

This unit introduces learners to the scope, scale and diversity of hospitality. It establishes a framework for the industry, using agreed definitions and the Standard Industrial Classification of the industries that encompass hospitality. Centres and their learners may reasonably wish to adopt a national perspective for this unit; however, it is also important for learners to consider local and international aspects to gain a comprehensive and balanced view.

Learners are expected to be knowledgeable about particular businesses, their names, brands and the industries with which they are associated. Learners will examine different forms of business ownership and structure. This will create an opportunity to research contemporary issues and recent developments affecting the industry. It will also allow learners to analyse and evaluate breaking news and unexpected  developments.

Learners will investigate the nature and changing situation of hospitality staff. They will examine staff roles and responsibilities in a range of contexts and explore aspects of staff employment. The skills required to recognise and predict future trends and developments likely to affect hospitality operations and management will also be developed. The trends may have an internal industry focus or concentrate on external factors including legislation, political, technical, economic and environmental  influences.

Learners will gain an awareness of the organisations and professional bodies associated with the hospitality industry.


Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  1. Understand the current structure of the hospitality industry
  2. Understand staffing in the hospitality industry
  3. Understand recent developments affecting hospitality
  4. Be able to recognise potential trends and developments in hospitality.