Unit 5: Food and Beverage Operations Mgt.

Unit code:                L/601/1791

QCF level:                 QCF Level 4/ NFQ Level 6

Credit value:            15


This unit will enable learners to gain understanding of the day-to-day activities and procedures involved in food and beverage operations, whilst also developing a range of practical operational skills.

Unit abstract

This unit introduces learners to the practical aspects of food and beverage production and service. Because of the nature of their job, hospitality managers need to have basic levels of practical skills, enabling them to work effectively within different kitchen and restaurant environments. Managers may need to work in kitchen and restaurant environments to support operational staff in times of need or to establish themselves as credible team players.

Learners will develop understanding of a range of food and beverage production and service systems. Learners will undertake an investigation of staffing implications for different systems and businesses  to  inform  system  comparisons.  Learners  will  study  menu  planning  and  recipes suitable for different industry contexts. They will also investigate the importance of financial processes including, purchasing options, costing of raw materials and commodities, and different selling  price models.

Learners will develop their understanding of the processes involved in planning and developing recipes and the factors that determine menu compilation for a variety of customer groups.

Learning from this unit is demonstrated in the planning, implementation and evaluation of a food and beverages service for a hospitality event. Ultimately, learners will be able to transfer and apply their expertise to different food production and service situations within the hospitality industries.

The effective use of planning, coordination and communication skills will be emphasised and developed to underpin the work of the unit. The ability to demonstrate learning, with confidence, in a food and beverage operation, is an important feature of this unit.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  1. Understand different food and beverage production and service systems
  2. Understand the financial controls used in food and beverage operations
  3. Be able to devise menus for hospitality  events
  4. Be able to provide food and beverage services for hospitality events