Unit 6: Creative and Innovative Management

Unit code:                        R/602/2064

Unit Level:                       QCF Level 7/ NFQ Level 9

Credit value:                   10

Guided learning hours: 30

Unit aim

This unit provides the learner with the understanding to recognise the value to organisations of creative and innovative management ideas and the skills to implement this understanding.


Unit introduction

The prevalent forces for organisational change, including globalisation and the supply of ideas at much faster speeds and lower costs, have been evident for some time. Many advocate the fact that the world of business is now in a permanent state of flux and constant innovation is the only strategy for survival.

This need to innovate is propelled by the demands of increasingly competitive markets and the need for organisations to improve their competitive advantage in these markets. In response, companies can reduce costs, improve quality, increase productivity or effect innovation. However, the changes introduced by most organisations commonly address the first three factors but, less often, the last.

This unit will help learners to develop skills to effect innovation. They will understand the benefits of creativity and innovation, and how to evaluate current levels of innovation in an organisation, to lead others to embrace and support innovation.

It is essential that there is support within the organisation for ongoing innovation and creativity. Learners will recognise the crucial part that mission and vision play in this. They will also find out how to identify creative ideas and assess their viability and, through the understanding of change models, support the implementation of innovative ideas.

Often, individuals within an organisation cannot easily see the benefits of an innovative idea. Learners will find out how to produce an appropriate rationale and identify key goals and priorities to help persuade and communicate ideas to stakeholders.

In spite of developing a creative strategy through the mission and vision, there are often barriers to innovation within an organisation such as fear of change, risk adversity, expertise and fear of failure. In this unit, learners will find out how to assess these barriers and develop and implement a strategy to overcome them.