Unit 11: Strategic Quality and Systems Management

Unit code:                       H/602/2327

Unit Level:                       QCF Level 7/ NFQ Level 9

Credit value:                   10

Guided learning hours: 30

Unit aim

This unit provides the learner with an understanding of the importance of effective quality and systems management to enable achievement of organisational objectives. It also provides the learner with the skills to be able to implement a strategic quality change in an organisation.


Unit introduction

This unit gives learners the appropriate knowledge and understanding to enable them to make an effective contribution to the implementation of policies in order to achieve a strategic quality change which will improve customer focus and develop continuous improvement. Contributions will be developed in respect of the operational, functional and strategic management of quality. Learners will gain an understanding of the principles, concepts, processes and procedures associated with quality management.

This unit will help learners to make a significant contribution to implementing strategies for achieving excellence. They will gain knowledge and understanding of a broad range of modern theory and techniques covering the operational, functional and strategic management of quality. Critical thinking and self-directed study are important aspects of working at this level.

Learners will look at the philosophies and practices that provide the theoretical knowledge for planning and implementing a quality programme and then consider the methods available to introduce a strategic quality change programme successfully.