Unit 15: Developing Successful Business Teams

Unit code:                        D/602/1466

Level 5:                            BTEC Professional

Unit Level:                       QCF Level 5/ NFQ Level 7

Guided learning hours: 30

Unit aim

This unit provides the learner with an understanding of the factors needed to create successful business teams and enables them to develop skills for effective management and participation in successful business teams.


Unit introduction

Many organisations now focus on teams as a key element in their organisational structure. However, successful teams do not happen as a matter of chance. They have to be planned and supported if they are to become successful. Only then will they be able to work effectively as a team and meet their objectives.

Planning to establish a successful business team requires an understanding of team dynamics and the importance of leading and developing of a team. Team dynamics are concerned with how teams evolve and the processes that determine whether the team is successful or not. For example, team member satisfaction will be derived not only from the achievement of tasks but also from the quality of team relationships and the more social aspects of teamwork.

Building and maintaining a successful business team involves fostering constructive relationships between team members. This requires a commitment to open communication throughout the team. Maintaining levels of motivation in all team members is a crucial aspect of successful business teams. Signs of conflict in a team need to be resolved quickly as they can affect the stability and purpose of the team.

Developing individual team members includes assigning personal goals that suit the strengths and skills of the individual, and ensuring that each member feels that their contribution to the team's overall task is valued. Team goals should be the foundation for developing successful business teams. Goals should be SMART and provide a clear, measurable framework whilst being flexible and adaptable in the light of changing circumstances. Goals need to provide scope for individual and team development whilst enabling organisational tasks to be achieved. Successful business teams monitor their activities, reflect on how they work and look for ways of improving their performance.