Unit 64: Thermofluids

Unit code                           M/615/1526

Unit level                           QCF Level 5/ NFQ Level 6/7

Credit value                       15


In everyday life you are never too far away from some system or device that relies on both fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. From the water circulating in your home central heating radiators to the hydraulic door closer on the back of a fire door, the presence of thermofluids is constantly around us.

The aim of this unit is to provide a rational understanding of functional thermodynamics and fluid mechanics in common industrial applications. The unit promotes a problem-based approach to solving realistic work-related quandaries such as steam plant efficiency and fluid flow capacities.

Students will examine fundamental thermodynamic principles, steam and gas turbine systems and viscosity in fluids, along with static and dynamic fluid systems. Each element of the unit will identify a variety of engineering challenges and assess how problems are overcome in real-life industrial situations.

Additionally, students will develop their perceptions of industrial thermodynamic systems, particularly those involving steam and gas turbine power. In addition, they will consider the impact of energy transfer in engineering applications along with the characteristics of fluid flow in piping systems and numerous hydraulic devices, all of which are prevalent in typical manufacturing and process facilities.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Review industrial thermodynamic systems and their properties.
  2. Examine the operation of practical steam and gas turbines plants.
  3. Illustrate the properties of viscosity in fluids.
  4. Analyse fluid systems and hydraulic machines.