Unit 15: Psychology for Health and Social Care

Unit code:                K/601/1619

QCF level:               QCF Level 4/ NFQ Level 6

Credit value:           15


The aim of this unit is to develop understanding of the psychological factors which influence  human behaviour throughout the lifespan and how these apply to health and social care settings.

Unit abstract

This unit will enable learners to understand the psychological factors which influence human behaviour and the effects these factors may have on users of health and social care services. Learners will focus on the basic approaches to understanding human behaviour drawn from psychology. These will include behavioural, cognitive, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches. Learners will also draw on use of concepts from psychology and sociology such as lifespan development, interactionism, deviance theory, anthropology and socialisation.

The focus of the unit will be on the changing roles of individuals throughout the lifespan. The unit has been designed to develop learners understanding of those who use health and social care services through the application of psychological and sociological concepts. This understanding underpinning professional practice enables service providers to enhance and maintain the social functioning (valued roles) of individuals in health and social care settings. This unit also develops knowledge and understanding of the nature of social functioning and how valued roles are determined.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  1. Understand theories of lifespan development
  2. Understand social and biological determinants of human behaviour displayed in health and social  care contexts
  3. Understand how psychological theories are applied to health and social care practice.