Unit 17: Community Development Work

Unit code:               L/601/1631

QCF level:               QCF Level 4/ NFQ Level 6

Credit value:          15


The aim of this unit is to enable learners to understand the complex nature of community development work and the role a community development worker has in facilitating community initiatives.

Unit abstract

Successful community development work requires skilful facilitation and those involved need a wide range of knowledge and skills in order to empower communities to engage in development work. They also need to understand how to encourage communities to identify their needs and initiate action.

In this unit learners will examine the complex nature of communities and community  development work. First, they will examine diversity within communities and the strengths and potential problems that can arise in different communities. Second, they will consider the knowledge and skills that community development workers require in order to successfully  engage with communities. They will explore the processes involved in both initiating and sustaining community development work and the skills required for project management. Finally, they will look at possible outcomes of development work within communities, potential barriers and strategies for improvement. Learners will investigate a range of community development work within a variety of diverse communities. Strategies for empowering communities will be analysed along with relevant legislation and agreed ways of working.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  1. Understand the complex nature of communities and community development
  2. Understand the role and responsibilities of the community development worker in facilitating community initiatives
  3. Understand the impact of community development work on communities